tuweni / org.apache.tuweni.scuttlebutt.handshake / SecureScuttlebuttHandshakeServer


class SecureScuttlebuttHandshakeServer (source)

Class responsible for performing a Secure Scuttlebutt handshake with a remote peer, as defined in the Secure Scuttlebutt protocol guide

Please note that only handshakes over the Ed25519 curve are supported.

This class manages the state of one handshake. It should not be reused across handshakes. If the handshake fails, a HandshakeException will be thrown.



Creates a new handshake server able to reply to the request of one client

static fun create(ourKeyPair: KeyPair!, networkIdentifier: Bytes32!): SecureScuttlebuttHandshakeServer!


Produces a message to accept the handshake with the client

fun createAcceptMessage(): Bytes!


Creates a hello message to be sent to the other party, comprised of our ephemeral public key and an authenticator against our network identifier.

fun createHello(): Bytes!


Creates a stream to allow communication with the other peer after the handshake has completed

fun createStream(): SecureScuttlebuttStreamServer!


Validates the initial message's MAC with our network identifier, and returns the peer ephemeral public key.

fun readHello(message: Bytes!): Unit


Reads the message containing the identity of the client, verifying it matches our shared secrets.

fun readIdentityMessage(message: Bytes!): Unit